Friday, May 22, 2015

Stay postive

Hello everyone,

The last weeks are very hard. Thats the reason why I don't have written any blogpost.  I have a bad cough and ... I had a little trouble to stay positive. Just because everyone was saying;

  • Don't worry... it comes alright
  • There were things which are much worser
  • Don't give up,  life is so wonderful
  • Look at the lucky moments they are so beautiful
  • See what you can don't the impossibilities 
and yes... All of that is true... But sometimes you only want to hear... CF SUCKS! You don't want to hear how great you are... That you overwon so much....that its easy to do this because the mountains before are so much higher....NO... CF SUCKS! And thats also true...

There are wonderful researchers...wonderful steps to treat CF better... but at this moment is the treatment expensive and not yet everyone can use... Its a great step forward and I hope one day CF stands for cure found... but were not there yet....

What I learned again last weeks is...

  • Say whats in your mind
  • Its okay to admit you're feelings 
  • Its okay to say its hard at that moment
  • do not pretend you stronger
  • Believe in what you can 
  • Take the time you need
I was a little down because the little steps forward turned into a deep valley. I lost in a few days all what I won last months...fortunately it was only temporary but I don't came back on the niveau I had won... But I don't give up and fight again to win everything back and maybe more... 

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