Friday, February 27, 2015

Doctor visit

Hi everyone

This week I came on controle by my doctor. It isn't going well. I was thinking it was good enough but maybe I wouldn't see. I want to stay positive and have faith even when its a hard battle.

At this moment I listen to one of my favorite songs and try to sing with it. Be happy you can't hear it! I can't sing... but I loved to sing and playing guitar. The last weeks I wasn't able to playing guitar and follow my lessons because of my energy level.  I hope it soon gets better.

My doctor tells me about the resistant from the NTM for some antibiotics I get, the consequence were that it isn't able to go back on tablets in a few months. Thats meaning that the whole treatment during around the two years will be on intravenous antibiotics. Because of the resistant and how its going right now we planned a hospital stay in a few weeks. Maybe we switch some of the antibiotics but that hear I at a later moment. 

I don't want to going back to the hospital. I enjoyed the weeks at home so much. But I know its the best choice and I want to get better. Sometimes you must do things you don't like to be able to do more things you will do. Im thankful of the empathy of my doctor how he accept my choices. 
With the support of my parents, doctor and a few friends I go for it! 

Don't give up the fight at the hardest moments the sun will shine


  1. I absolutely love the quote you put at the top of you post. I have never heard that before! Sorry, you have hit a setback and will be back in the hospital on IVs. I hate the hospital, too. I will be thinking of you.