Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hi everyone,

The weekend is almost over I've enjoyed it... Sleeping much more hours than last week and do the things were I had previously no time for. My checklist is clearly now and it make me feel satisfied.

I probably sound lucky and positive on this blog... but its not always. Today I had a mental bad day. After coughing some blood I just realize the CF isn't under controle. After more than hundred liter IV antibiotics I'm still coughing. Before today I was thinking it was just the cold. Today the doubt begin. For just a cold its takes now too long.  It makes me restless for my visit to the doctor. But maybe I'm lucky and its better than... fingers crossed!

And this is just what I wanted to say... Having CF has the good and bad days. Staying positive is sometimes really hard and not the medicine. I lost other CF fighters with much more strength and fighting spirit who are always positive even at the end... but it wasn't enough to overwin the CF. Staying positive makes it sometimes easier to live with it but it doesn't heal the CF. Always is there the fight and always you must go one... even when you tired... even if you had just had a holiday and even when you want to give up. You have to fight... You have to do you're treatments and physiotherapy, have to sport, have to eat good, have to... Sometimes I say CF is just a life with a have to factor. Theres always something we have to do.

And yes its for ourself.

But what would you choose?
To eat what is good for you or eat what you like
Sport when you tired and out of breath or lying on you're bed
Do treatments or staying with you're friends
To be in the hospital or being home
To walk across the beach or arent able to do and sits at home
A night out or sitting at home on the couch
Visit the doctor or shopping in the city
Go to school or sitting at home

Living with CF means every day make choices. Whats good for you or what do you like? Sometimes its the same but often its different. At this moments you have to choose again and again. Sometimes it just feels like living CF or living your life. Choose whats the best for you're health is not always the best choice. The most choices have consequence if you not try to deny these, then you come quite far! Everyone have to make choices and deal with the consequence. But think carefully and use you're common sense.

Life isn't about the choices you make but the choices are the life you make

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