Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sick again

Hi everyone

The battle is back again. Friday I woke up with fever, no air and very tired. One moment I thinking to sign my doctor but than I realize thats meaning going back to the hospital. So I want to try getting better on my own strength.

The night was horrible because I was so short of breath and coughing a lot. My mom takes care of me and I tried to sleep so much as can. The fever getting higher and I fall finally in sleep. I was so happy with my non invasive ventilator it gives me some air and let my breathing calm down. My heart rage was very high and I was afraid that I must call my doctor...

But it all comes allright. Now my fever is lower... I get some energy back and started to gain weight again. I have just my air back in rest when I tried to walk I will start coughing but thats taking time to recover. But I think that with the good cares of my mom I will survive this cold without going to the hospital... for the first time in years!

Im still getting better... It takes time to recover complete from this cold but I think it comes allright without hospitalization. Thanks mom for the good cares!

Never give up theres always a little hope. 

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