Sunday, February 1, 2015

Take a moment

Hi everyone

Nice to see you on my blog. Im a CF patient from Europe and love writing. I love to write poems, stories and write a blog. After long thinking I started to write here and take the change to share my life story. Hope you like it! English isn't my home language but I do my best to write it correct. Forgive me if I make faults. Sorry if the things are not correct and feel free to correct me.

Im born in the nineties and love life. My daily quote is '' Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect''. I love my life, my animals and everyone who supported me. Mostly I wake up with a smile because of everything whats possible. Sometimes its hard to deal with CF. Last year was one of those years... I must say goodbye to too much CF Friends. Its make me realize how short life can be. I take every change and enjoyed every moment. I focus one the little things and im great full of every change I get.

Take the moment

When you feeling down
look at the sky
When you feeling lonely
look at you're friends

Don't lose you're hope
don't stop fighting
Theres always a reason
To fight for yourself

When you feeling down
Look at the little things
They make life much
more beauty full

When the mountains
are too high
And the way to long
take a moment

Breathe and inhale
and realize
You arent alone

together we can!

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